Our mission is to fill the mind, body, and soul.

We do so by going into communities in need and providing educational programs, nutritious meals, and most importantly, spreading the love our God has for all of us. 


International Educational Aid

Many children across the world lack the resources needed to obtain a basic education. Just the thought of how powerful a chair to sit on can be, or a classic children's book to read, or paper to write on. Unfortunately, millions of eager to learn children around the world lack these "basic" supplies. Through our International Educational Aid ministry, we are able to deliver hundreds and thousands of these essentials to children around the world.

Full Filled Project IEA Team

We Are The World

Manel Diwa

Director Of Education

As an accomplished, visionary leader in the academic sector with 15+ years of operational, planning, and program development experience, Ms. Diwa's expertise lies in overseeing strategic educational planning, researching and implementing curricula, and spearheading international program to propel academic excellence.  From conceptualizing and establishing forward-thinking programs to driving grant development and community outreach initiatives, Ms Diwa excels at propelling goal achievement and improving students’ learning experiences while communicating openly with faculty, staff, parents, communities, and stakeholders.

Elementary School in the Phillipines - June 2016

These faces speak a thousand words! Through generous donations, we were able to deliver much needed supplies to children in a tiny village in the Phillipines. 

Durango, Mexico

In July of 2018, school supplies and books will be delivered to elementary school children in the small town of Suchil, Durango in Mexico. The same school our Director attended 2nd - 6th grade. How exciting to be able to give back to very school she attended as a young girl!

Philippines December 2018

It's that time again, we will be delivering more school supplies and children's books to children in the Philippines. These supplies go a long way in our efforts to further education in small villages around the world. To donate, please email [email protected] or call 214-293-1069.